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First-Year Course Offerings — Fall 2021

ANTH 205   Archaeology of Warfare
RestrictionsNo 2023 2022 Instr perm req during Drop/Add
DistributionSocial Relations,Inst.& Agents
Core AreaNone

Considers the development of warfare across the ancient civilizations across the globe. Utilizing a massive body of data, archaeology is in a unique position to study how warfare evolved alongside the emergence of civilizations. Students focus on several civilizations, such as Mesoamerica, the Mediterranean, and the Andes to compare and contrast various models of warfare in the ancient world. In some cases, warfare results in the utter annihilation of millions of people. In other cases, warfare is limited to a ceremonial gathering of armies that result in few to no deaths. By understanding the different models of human warfare, students engage with universal questions such as, how and why warfare happens. Is warfare an innate part of humanity? What is and is not warfare?