Colgate University

First-Year Course Offerings — Fall 2022

BIOL 101   Topics in Organismal Biology
DistributionNatural Sciences & Mathematics
Core AreaNone
RecommendedFirst-year students and non-science majors. May be beneficial for entering students who do not have extensive biology background in preparation for enrollment in the foundation courses (BIOL 181 and BIOL 182). Not intended for students who have completed a biology foundation course.

Introduces students to the complexities of biodiversity, from the ecosystem to the genetic level. By examining the factors affecting the structure and function of terrestrial, marine, and freshwater communities, students learn about the diversity of organisms in these systems. Students gain an appreciation for the roles of evolutionary and ecological history, as well as modern ecological interactions, in shaping biodiversity across the globe. Students are exposed to the many ways that human activities affect biodiversity.