Colgate University

First-Year Course Offerings — Fall 2022

BIOL 181   Evolution, Ecology, and Diversity
Co-RequisitesBIOL 181L
DistributionNatural Sciences & Mathematics
Core AreaNone

Concentrates on the evolutionary biology of organisms and the ecological processes that influence the distribution and abundance of plants and animals, as well as their interactions. The history of biological diversification (including the origin of life; the evolution of prokaryotes and eukaryotes; and the invasion of land by plants, fungi, and animals) is discussed. In addition, the mechanisms of evolution, including natural selection, adaptation, and extinction, are studied. Topics in population ecology as they relate to evolutionary processes including physiological and behavioral ecology, population growth, and species interactions (e.g., competition, predation, mutualism) are also covered; there is a strong focus on the physical, chemical, and biological factors that affect populations. The course ends with studying ecosystem ecology and the impacts of global warming and anthropogenic impacts on the environment.