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First-Year Course Offerings — Fall 2022

FSEM 138   The Science and Practice of Yoga
RestrictionsNo 2025 2024 2023
Core AreaScientific Perspectives

Faculty Profile for Professor Cardelús

Yoga has been practiced for millenia to enhance spiritual awareness and deep observation of the self. The benefits of yoga are not only spiritual but also have strong physiological benefits.Students learn the science, history, and philosophy of yoga through lectures and our own practice. Students focus their study on the physiological response of the body to intentional movement and breathwork including concentration, sleep, and mindfulness. Classwork is grounded in the scientific literature and explores what yoga does, and does not, do for the body and mind. Students explore the impacts of yoga with their own practice both in and out of the classroom.

Note: Weekly attendance at a yoga class outside of class times is required throughout the semester (many taught on campus). No previous experience with yoga or flexibility is necessary to fully participate in the course. Students who successfully complete this seminar will satisfy the Scientific Perspective core requirement.

Catherine Cardelús is Professor of Biology & Environmental Studies. Her research is on human impacts on forests, both locally and internationally. She is also a long-time yoga practitioner and teacher.