Colgate University

First-Year Course Offerings — Fall 2022

GEOG 211   Geographies of Nature, Economy, Society
RestrictionsNo 2024 2023 Not open to students who have taken GEOG 111 or 121.
DistributionSocial Relations,Inst.& Agents
Core AreaGlobal Engagements
FormerlyGEOG 111

Acquaints students with the approaches and subject matter of human and nature-society geography. It introduces geography’s longstanding concerns with spatial location, place, and nature-society interaction, as studied through ways of knowing that are central to the discipline—spatial representation and analysis, cross-scalar comparisons, integrative synthesis, and the social construction of space and environment. Case studies, drawn from all world regions, illustrate how geographers use these tools and perspectives to clarify such issues as human well-being and inequality, economic and sociocultural globalization, population patterns and processes, human impact on the environment, and sustainable development in the Anthropocene.