Colgate University

First-Year Course Offerings — Fall 2024

MUSI 121   History of Hip Hop
RestrictionsNo 2025
Core Area
Area of InquiryHuman Thought and Expression
Liberal Arts PracticesArtistic Prac & Interpretation

Hip Hop emerged as a subculture of urban Black music in the 1970s and has since grown to hold sway over popular music styles throughout America (affecting genres as diverse as jazz, country, and musical theater) and the world. This course presents the history of Hip Hop over its first 50 years. Students will familiarize themselves with the major performers, DJs, and producers, as well the communities and technological advancements that propelled its evolution. Special attention will be given to women in Hip Hop, whose stories are often erased from the genreā€™s origins but who are currently dominating the industry. Assignments will drive students to engage with contemporary Hip Hop in their home communities as well as on the social media landscape.