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First-Year Course Offerings — Fall 2022

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Departments: First-Year Seminar
Course Title Co-Req Restrictions Pre-Req Notes
FSEM 100 Legacies of the Ancient World
FSEM 105 Challenges of Modernity
FSEM 113 Japan
FSEM 124 Conserving Nature
FSEM 126 The Biology of Women: Sex, Gender, Reproduction and Disease
FSEM 127 Molecules, Energy and Sustainability
FSEM 131 The Science of Music
FSEM 132 Sports & Scientific Method
FSEM 135 Molecules that Rock Your World: Medicinal
FSEM 136 Privacy
FSEM 137 Molecules that Rock Your World: Energy, Food, War, and Population Expansion
FSEM 138 The Science and Practice of Yoga
FSEM 139 The Science of Relationships
FSEM 142 Hi(dden)story of Mathematics
FSEM 143 Natural Disasters: Science, Media and Movies
FSEM 147 Literary Analysis: Much Ado about Not[h]ing
FSEM 148 Sex and the Global City
FSEM 149 Religion & Contemporary World
FSEM 152 The Jazz Age
FSEM 153 Elementary Latin I
FSEM 154 Sports and Spectacles in Ancient Greece and Rome
FSEM 155 Intro Philosophical Problems
FSEM 159 Gender, Sexuality, and Race in Hollywood FSEM 159L
FSEM 160 Eco-Art
FSEM 164 Living Writers FSEM 164L
FSEM 165 Acting I: The Floating World
FSEM 166 Acting I: Being Here
FSEM 169 Elementary Italian I One-hour web-based work required weekly, to be completed independently outside of class as assigned by the instructor
FSEM 170 The Experiment of Writing
FSEM 171 Introduction to Philosophical Traditions of Africa, the Americas, and Asia
FSEM 174 Architecture in Conflict and Cataclysm
FSEM 175 Emperors and Empire: The Roman Imperium
FSEM 177 Geology Outdoors FSEM 177L
FSEM 177L Geology Outdoors Fieldtrips FSEM 177
FSEM 178 Introduction to Environmental Geography
FSEM 180 Brewing Society: The History, Culture, and Economics of Beer
FSEM 181 The American City
FSEM 182 The American School
FSEM 185 Silk Roads
FSEM 186 War: Past, Present, Future
FSEM 187 Muslim Cultures and Global Modernity
FSEM 188 Living and Dying in Early Modern Britain
FSEM 189 Intro to Comparative Politics
FSEM 190 Ukraine & Eastern Europe in War & Peace
FSEM 193 Introduction to Sociology
FSEM 195 Introduction to Sociology
FSEM 197 Campaigns and Voting Behavior
FSEM 198 Fundamentals of International Relations
FSEM 199 Challenges of Modernity Open to Alumni Memorial Scholars Only