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First-Year Course Offerings — Fall 2023

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Departments: Global Public & Enviro Health
Course Title Co-Req Pre-Req Notes
ANTH 102 Culture, Diversity, and Inequality
CORE S143 Statistics in Real Life
ENST 202 Environmental Ethics Juniors and Seniors need class year override
FSEM 194 Culture, Diversity and Inequality
FSEM 199 Global Change and YOU! Open to AMS Scholars only; Open to Alumni Memorial Scholars Only
GEOG 105 Climate and Society
MATH 105 Intro to Statistics/Africa SG Not open to students who have either received credit for or are currently enrolled in CORE 143S or CORE S143 or MATH 240 or MATH 354 or MATH 416 or MATH 454
MATH 105 Introduction to Statistics Three years of secondary school mathematics Large enrollment section